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Jail - A Risk of Simply Having an Open Criminal Case


ROCHESTER — Police have arrested a Pittsfield woman in connection with an alleged shoplifting incident in Rochester on February 11, 2013. As reported by Liz Markhlevskaya from the Herald Fosters, Sunde Sorjanen, 30, of Pittsfield, was charged Thursday with willful concealment, a misdemeanor, for allegedly shoplifting from Kohl’s on 160 Washington Street. In New York State, the legal charge is called Petit Larceny under section 155.25.

After her arrest, $1,500 bail was set on her case meaning that she will be jailed unless the bail is posted. The arraignment is scheduled for March 11, at 8 a.m., at the Rochester Circuit Court. If she is unable to post bail, she will be jailed at least until March 11. From there, it may take months before the case is resolved. Unfortunately, you can be incarcerated simply because you were arrested. This means that an accusation, any accusation, can send you to jail even without a conviction. An experienced attorney can help protect your rights by fighting to obtain a better outcome and by avoiding bail. Rochester police have even began publicizing shoplifting arrests, in an effort to deter others from committing the crime.

The risk of jail, embarrassment, and reputational damage can follow you around for the rest of your life and affect your future. Don’t go to court alone. An experienced attorney can get the results that you need.