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New York City Shoplifting Attorney

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Being arrested for shoplifting is a very stressful experience. A New York City shoplifting arrest usually starts when you are confronted by store security. This confrontation can occur while you are still inside the store, or outside on the sidewalk. It can happen on the same day as the alleged theft or on a later date when you return to the store. From there, you may be taken to a back room inside the store where store security looks through your personal bags and searches you for stolen merchandise. When the merchandise is found, the police are often called and you can be handcuffed and taken to a police precinct. From there, the arresting officer can release you with a desk appearance ticket which has a court date to appear for your arraignment or send you to central booking for arraignment. An arraignment is the first time you see a criminal court judge and it is designed for the filing of shoplifting charges, the entry of your plea, and a decision regarding whether to release you or set bail.

Few accusations are more embarrassing and threatening to one's future than to be called a thief. Although retail stores are quick to make this accusation, the circumstances are usually less than clear. By speaking to an experienced New York City shoplifting lawyer, you can discover what will happen in court, the seriousness of your situation, and ways to avoid a criminal record and other severe penalties. We offer confidential case evaluations regarding your upcoming court date and our office is located conveniently in Manhattan. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, all shoplifting charges must be aggressively defended. We have successfully defended clients accused of retail theft in all New York City courts including Manhattan (100 Centre Street and Midtown Community Court), Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and the surrounding area. Lance Fletcher, a former Manhattan prosecutor, has successfully handled over one-thousand criminal cases in New York City Criminal Court.

Winning Track Record of Success

The Law Office of Lance Fletcher, PLLC routinely succeeds in defending even the most serious shoplifting cases. We have successfully defended clients who were directly observed placing items in their bags and pockets, clients caught on store security cameras, and clients arrested for replacing an expensive price tag for a cheaper price tag (tag switching). Some of our clients have been arrested for the first time and others have a long history of shoplifting arrests. If you've been arrested, avoiding conviction is your best strategy to prevent a criminal record or criminal penalties including jail time. Regardless of your circumstances, we seek to get our client's cases dismissed whenever possible. By aggressively and carefully defending every case based on its unique facts, we optimize our client's chances of avoiding conviction. As a former Manhattan prosecutor, Lance Fletcher offers experience you can trust and extensive knowledge in the defending retail theft cases. Because of his experience, Mr. Fletcher knows exactly which facts are pertinent in formulating a winning strategy. Our office prepares each shoplifting case as if it were going to trial because we believe that an aggressive defense is the best defense. Whether this is your first arrest or not, we will fight the charges to uncover ways to resolve your case quickly, and with the best outcome possible.

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Our firm offers knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation to clients throughout the area who are facing criminal charges associated with shoplifting and Desk Appearance Tickets. Attorney Lance Fletcher is a former prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, which gives him a unique insider's perspective into how criminal cases are developed. He has effectively handled over 1,000 criminal cases, has extensive trial experience, and defends clients in both state and federal courts. Because he has seen criminal law in operation from both sides, he brings an enormous command of this field to any case he takes on. Our firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense; we do nothing else. For more information about the defense we provide or to schedule your consultation, be sure to give our firm a call today.

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