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Beauty Products are Carefully Watched by Security


I sometimes wonder how far people are willing to go to look and feel beautiful. Jail time, embarrassment, lost of a job, lost of money, loss of dignity.

As reported by Bret Silverberg of the Jamaica Plain Patch in Boston Massachusetts, two people were arrested after attempting to steal cosmetics from a CVS in Hyde Square over the weekend.

Violet Santiago and Jamie Rodriguez, were arrested Sunday after police were alerted by CVS employees that they were concealing cosmetics.

According to the police report, Santiago attempted to conceal cosmetic products in her coat pocket. When police arrived and questioned her, she began scattering the items throughout the store. After a brief struggle with police, she was arrested and charged with shoplifting items worth between $50 and $199 and resisting arrest. In New York this would be a charge of petit larceny, which refers to stealing property but also a resisting arrest charge which can make the case much more serious. You can be arrested and prosecuted for stealing any amount of goods even if only worth a few cents.

Her alleged accomplice, Rodriguez, who had left the store moments before police arrived, was later located in front of the 7/11 at the intersection of Centre Street and South Huntington Avenue.

He was holding a Dunkin’ Donuts bag containing $110 worth of stolen items, according to the police report. He was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting. In New York, cosmetics are frequently targeted by shoplifters because they are expensive and easy to conceal. Call an attorney right away if you’ve been charged with retail theft.