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Shoplifting Can Lead To Additional Charges If Your Children Were Present


Christmas shopping which lead to very serious charges. On December 22, 2012 at a J.C. Penny store in Ames, Iowa, Melissa Rose Sego, 33, went on a shoplifting spree with her three children. Ms. Sego allegedly attempted to steal $39.00 worth of merchandise from J.C. Penny.

As reported by Victoria Cavaliere of the New York Daily News, Ms. Sego was arrested on shoplifting charges, which in New York City is charged as petit larceny which refers to stealing of property. She was also charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors and aggravated theft. In New York City it is referred to as “endangering the welfare of a child“ and is a serious charge.

Ms. Sego allegedly tried to stuff $39 worth of merchandise in her purse and then leave the department store, where she got into a minor altercation with a loss prevention agent. The loss prevention agent say they saw Sego go into the dressing room with the items and her children, then emerged without the items. Due to the physical altercation, in New York State, this could lead to a felony charge. The woman’s two daughters were apparently made to go along with the scheme, police said. It is unclear how Ms. Sego intends to plead. Always in a situation like this contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

For only $39.00 worth of merchandise, this became a very serious matter. She’s facing the risk of jail, fines, and the possibility of losing her children. Not to mention the embarrassment of handling this while her family and friends, as well as, her children’s friends read about it in the newspaper. Don‘t go to court alone. Be sure to hire an attorney who can get you the results that you need.

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