Special Problems Facing Out of State or Out of Country Individuals

The problem of distance

It can take several court appearances or more before your case can be successfully completed. Your first court appearance is just the arraignment where the court and prosecutor will become acquainted with your attorney and schedule the litigation. Thereafter, you may need to make several trips back to court to complete the litigation and attend compliance conferences. If you live outside of the New York Metropolitan Area, traveling to court may be a problem for you both in terms of time and money. If you live in another country this can be a much bigger problem.

Fortunately, Lance Fletcher has represented individuals who live in other states and countries and has resolved numerous cases without his client ever personally appearing in court. He can explain important rights in the penal law and criminal procedure law that can help reduce or eliminate trips to court for people who live far away or have other reasons for being unable to personally appear. Additionally, Mr. Fletcher can help resolve your case to reduce the risk of any international travel complications. Call us today for a confidential consultation at 212-619-3900.

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