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Shoplifting and Immigration Consequences

If you are an immigrant who has been charged with shoplifting, the consequences of a criminal conviction can be very serious. Immigration laws are complicated but one factor is clear: a criminal conviction may lead to a change in your immigration status or to deportation. The type of criminal charge you face can be a critical issue in what happens to your immigration status. Shoplifting is considered a crime of moral turpitude, which refers to a base or vile act. Theft, burglary, check fraud, and forgery are types of crimes associated with moral turpitude. Crimes of moral turpitude are listed under immigration law as being those which make an immigrant inadmissible to this country. Thus, if you are convicted of shoplifting, you may be removed from the United States by order of the Attorney General. Even one conviction of shoplifting may lead to deportation if it occurred within 5 years of your admission into the U.S.

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Because of the severity of the consequences you face as an immigrant, you should do everything possible to avoid a criminal conviction for shoplifting. At the law offices of Lance Fletcher, we offer the experienced skills of a proven New York City shoplifting defense attorney and immigration attorney to help you with an aggressive defense. Our firm will work diligently on your behalf to prevent or minimize the risk of a criminal conviction. As a New York City shoplifting lawyer, Attorney Lance Fletcher has an abundance of experience in effectively representing clients in shoplifting and other charges associated with Desk Appearance tickets. We invite you to contact the firm for a consultation about your case to find out how we can assist you.

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