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Shoplifting On School Trip Leads to Further Punishment Upon Return to New York


NEWFANE, NEW YORK According to the Journal Register, teenagers from a Western New York high school were charged with shoplifting while in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a baseball tournament. Seven members of a high school baseball team allegedly stole sunglasses ranging from $130 to $300 in value from the Sunglasses Hut. According to the arrest report, store surveillance showed at least three of the teenagers taking the sunglasses and concealing them while the others distracted the store clerk. Three of the individuals were 18 years old and therefore their names were released and published. The judge sentenced each of the suspects to community service which will be carried out in New York.

Because the crime was carried out while on a school sponsored trip, the teenagers face additional punishment at home. They will now face the school's Athletic Disciplinary Council and a hearing will be held before the superintendent. This could impact their eligibility for at least the remainder of the season and they may face additional punishment.

Simply because a crime is carried out in a state other than a person's home state, does not mean they will not face punishment once they return. In this case, the individuals were all in high school and the arrest may remain on their permanent record. Additionally, as noted in the police report, some of the individuals did not actually steal the items, but rather participated by distracting the store clerk. Those individuals who distracted the clerk were also arrested and sentenced to community service. It is important to remember that if you participate in any manner in shoplifting, including distracting a clerk, you will face prosecution. If you are facing shoplifting charges, you should seek help from an experienced attorney as soon as possible – do not take a gamble on your future.