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Online Databases Identify Retail Employees Accused of Shoplifting


Shoplifting does not only involve visitors to retail stores, but also employees of the stores. According to Stephanie Clifford of the New York Times, retail employee theft is on the rise. Make no mistake, an employee who allegedly steals from a store they are employed by can be prosecuted and charged with shoplifting. In addition to the legal ramifications, retailers have compiled databases to track those employees who are accused of shoplifting merchandise from the stores.

Retail merchants subscribe to the databases in order to run a background check on applicants. This in turn allows employers to conduct a search of an applicant to determine if there have been any incidents involving shoplifting with a prior employer. This is just another element in the background check prior to employment. Written statements made by employees accused of shoplifting have been entered into databases and titled "verified admission." Most of the time these "admissions" are given to the security personnel in the store and not informed that it will go on their record.

It is imperative that if you are an employee of a retail store that has accused you of shoplifting that you speak with an experienced shoplifting attorney. Your future in retail can be severely impacted if not completely ended if you do not enlist the guidance of an attorney.